Why A Website?

In 1979 the technology experienced a “game changer”. Spreadsheet applications were introduced  and rapidly becoming a significant tool in the hands of computer users.  It started with such programs as VisiCalc & Multiplan. In 1983 Lotus 123 was introduced. By 1985 Excel was introduced. And, the rest is history!

Today the website is the “game changer” Businesses and all types of organizations need a website. Why?

  • A story needs to be told.
  • Products have to be promoted and sold.
  • Problems need discussed & solved.
  • And, many, many more reasons ……..

Business owners and managers need professionals who can ask the right questions and discuss solutions that build that web presence. Once strategies are identified, they need implementation.

High Plains Web Design (HPWD) is a part of that game changing team!

Who we are?

With over 40 years helping developing businesses in management and system processes and an understanding of the value and mechanics of teamwork at all levels of a business, I’ve helped company’s management to improve communication and efficiency in their team.

Much of this work has been in hands-on experience in concept design, development and implementation of database applications, office suites applications and industry specific applications software.

I currently design & develop WordPress sites to give businesses a dynamic and functional presence on the web. As a web consultant, I help businesses adjust policies and procedures to efficiently use web technologies to accomplish their goals.

I currently reside on the south western plains of Kansas, specifically in Montezuma, Kansas.